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Sascha is an award winning film maker. Her web series Lost in LA has picked up numerous awards at recognised film festivals worldwide. She won Best Comedy Series for writing, directing and producing at the 2014 Indie Fest. The series which stars herself as 'Candace' has earnt her some raving reviews: 'Sascha's writing style is original, candid and fresh' and 'her sense of irony and humour is beyond her years' (Movieline). The company Fullscreen have picked her up as one of their next best talents to be aired on their new digital platform saying the series is 'intelligent and hilarious.' Sascha started making films at an early age and picked up her first writing award at an early film festival (NAFA) in Sydney 2002. With big plans for the future in film making, Sascha continues to write and direct films, for a full list of her film credits check her out on IMDB, or check out her acclaimed web series Lost in LA  


'Film making is in my blood, I can't go a day without writing a script, or directing and editing my own projects, it's what I live to do'  



Sascha Raeburn

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