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Sascha Raeburn is an award winning actress. Her web series, Lost in LA which she wrote, produced and directed received world wide recognition by picking up awards for Best Comedy Series, Best Writing and Best Leading Actress at Los Angeles Web Series Festival and the People's Choice Award at the Melbourne Web Festival 2015. In addition, her recent role as Ninja Girl in her new web series Ninja Girl Payback received a 'Best Leading Actress in a Comedy' nomination at the 2017 Los Angeles Web Series Festival. 


After Lost in LA's success, Sascha took the show to the stage in 2016 and created a live solo adaption of the series. She played multiple characters and left a lasting impression on theatre reviewers, 'It was not only hilarious, but it was intelligent, moving and very well written, directed and produced' - Julie Shearer.


Sascha continues working on Lost in LA and other projects whilst travelling back and forth between Los Angeles and Sydney. She often appears in various campaigns and advertisements. Her background is in Theatre and Performance at the National Institute of Dramatic Arts and recently Sascha graduated with honours from  the University of New England. She is currently working on multiple projects and continues to expand her knowledge in film making, writing/acting, modelling and martial arts. To contact, follow or support Sascha please check out the links on the contact page.  





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