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Sascha Raeburn jumping for Jestsar, chosen for Australia Day 2011

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Sascha Raeburn Escape from El Carito Interview

Sascha Raeburn Escape from El Carito Interview

Sascha Raeburn Escape from El Carito Interview

Sascha Raeburn Escape from El Carito Interview

Question: Tell us about your latest project Escape from El Carito?
Sascha Raeburn: Well its an exciting TV project directed by Rob Dupear which is centered around the idea of being an action hero which is what I play in it.

Question: What character do you play in Escape from El Carito?
Sascha Raeburn: I play Talitha.

Question: How can you relate to your character?
Sascha Raeburn: Well she's rebellious and I definitely relate to that trait the most, she doesn't like being told what to do, but when she knows its the best for her she'll deliver to you 100%, in a no-nonsense all action geared kinda way!

Question: Who do you star alongside in Escape from El Carito?
Sascha Raeburn: Luciano Frantellia, Natasha Meunier, Anna Losminques and Josiah Grey.

Question: You are involved in many stunts in Escape from El Carito, can you talk about how you went about filming them?
Sascha Raeburn: The crew took me through safety checks then the director Rob Dupear discussed what is happening with me to my character in context of the story- there would be a couple of rehearsals and then once we were ready we pretty much went for it!

Question: Were you scared at all during the filming of these stunts?
Sascha Raeburn: The first stunt I did in the wire falling from the trees I was, but I quickly fell into a groove after a rehearsal and any fear started to vanish and turn into adrenaline and excitement!

Question: What is next for you in terms of your acting career?
Sascha Raeburn: I'm working on a couple of independent film projects in Australia.

Question: What did you learn from working on Escape from El Carito?
Sascha Raeburn: I learnt that by jumping into my character's shoes and forgetting Sascha I was brave, adventurous and heroic!

Question: When will we see Escape from El Carito hit our screens?
Sascha Raeburn: It could be any time next year.

Question: What originally inspired you to begin acting?
Sascha Raeburn: I remember being in my first school play, I was 6. I was very excited in the rehearsal process, I made up my mind right then and there that this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

Question: If you could act alongside anyone, who would you choose?
Sascha Raeburn: Oooh that's very hard as I love so many actors here are a few though: Leonardo Dicaprio, Samuel L Jackson, Uma Thurman, Michelle Rodriguez, Jean Claude Van Damme, Naomi Watts, Denzel Washington, Johnny Depp, Jet Li.
Interview by Brooke Hunter